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PATCH - Parents And Their Children Healing


Parents and their Children Healing and interactive grief support group for young children (2 1/2 years - 7 years) and their families as a unit.

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A personalized approach that invites young people to tell their story and reconcile the complicated feelings associated with grief following the death of a loved one.


A support group for partner loss that is interactive, engaging, and personalized. This is an opportunity to meet with adults who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner and explore ways of understanding and coping with life's changes.


Individualized Support and Specialized Groups

One hour individual/family sessions are offered at the Northbrae YMCA Community Hub located at 335 Belfield St. London ON. on Mondays 9:00am - 5:00pm. Please call to make an appointment in advance. In addition, we offer on-site programs that are tailored specific to your groups' needs.

Community Education

Take advantage of one of our professional development opportunities. A variety of educational programs are available to help you understand grief and the grieving process of young children. Learn how to create the conditions that welcome children as companions in the grieving process. When we legitimize the child's grief experience, we introduce the child to healthy coping strategies essential for learning to live with a life-changing loss.

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